Wyoming Looks At Examples of Legal Cannabis In Neighboring States

Wyoming is now one of the last holdout states that hasn’t accepted legal cannabis, surrounded on all sides by legal states. It’s not clear exactly when they will join their neighbors, but they are already looking around to their legal counterparts for information on legalization. 

The reason for this research is probably that the data shows residents are looking for more access to cannabis. A study from the University of Wyoming last month shows that more than half of residents support legalizations. Fifty-four percent, to be exact, say they support adult-use cannabis. 

“This continues the steady increase in support observed from 2014, 2016 and 2018, when support rose from 37 percent to 41 percent to 49 percent, respectively,” the report claims. 

With this information in mind, Travis Koltiska, chief of police in Sheridan, Wyoming, feels that cannabis trafficking over state lines won’t stop any time soon, and that the state could be looking at an increase. 

“Large legal operations in surrounding states have also shown us increased availability in distribution amounts, and that will likely increase if we look at data from the past,” Sheridan County Sheriff Allen

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