With Edibles Now In Stores, Disconnect Between Government and Cannabis Users is Glaring

CANNABIS CULTURE – Legalization is still fresh, and regardless, expecting government to have a solid plan out of the gate is foolish. Still, that doesn’t make things any less disappointing for cannabis users.

When Canada made cannabis legal for recreational use in 2018, many users saw this as an opportunity for the existing marijuana community to have a chance at an affordable and legal endeavor.

In October of 2019, the government continued down path to legalization by introducing cannabis edibles. But much to the dismay of experienced users, the approach to selling edibles so far has been cautious and pricey.

Just as was the case with Canada’s initial legalization of smokable weed in 2018.

Some seeking the formerly illicit drug will be more than satisfied with the legal option, regardless of price and accessibility. But many others are likely to scoff at the licensed products sold given the alternatives on the black market. 

Lawrence Loh is an adjunct professor of public health at the University of Toronto. Along with fellow PhD Jasleen Grewal, he recently wrote an academic commentary for the Canadian Medical Association Journal that addresses the risks of selling edibles legally. 

Loh is in favour of weed legalization.

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