What’s Going on in International Cannabis: Voices from South America and Asia

Lately I have been fielding questions regarding cannabis business opportunities to or from Mexico, Canada, and China, and I always get questions from clients and prospective clients regarding importing and exporting hemp or marijuana to or from the U.S. market. If you are wondering what is going on in international cannabis, the answer is that there is a lot going on. Many countries, governments, businesses, and voters around the world are in some stage of legalizing or researching the business viability of cannabis both as a product for domestic consumption and production, as well as a target for export markets. And many countries have been involved for years – even decades.

I know that some of our blog readers are as avid internationalists as we are, so I want to remind you that my co-blogger Fred Rocafort and I are also co-hosts of Harris Bricken’s weekly Global Law and Business podcast. We just reached 25 episodes. Although not all of our episodes are or will be directly relevant to international cannabis, occasionally we have guests with expertise in cannabis in their home nation or in the international scene, and we will point you to the discussions that are relevant

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