What to know about Sioux Falls' medical marijuana rules – Sioux Falls Simplified

Simplified: The Sioux Falls City Council Tuesday night passed the first reading of several measures to regulate where, when and how medical marijuana is sold in the city. Restrictions include $100,000 licensing fees and a cap of no more than five dispensaries.

Why it mattersMedical marijuana is legal in South Dakota as of July 1, but the state Department of Health has yet to release final rules for how those in the cannabis industry and medical marijuana users are allowed to operate. Most decisions related to usage (i.e. how much a person can get at one time) are up to the state, but the city has say over what are called “time, place and manner” restrictions for cannabis businesses.Most councilors said they voted in favor of legalizing medical marijuana on the statewide ballot in 2020, but opinions varied on whether the proposed regulations were appropriate or too restrictive.Conversations got tense after hours of discussion on marijuana-related issues, and at one point, Mayor Paul TenHaken had to split up a spat between Councilor Pat Starr and Councilor Christine Erickson. How did we get here?

Quick history time.

Voters passed an initiated measure in 2020 legalizing medical marijuana. Voters also passed an amendment

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