Weediatrics Now Streaming on Amazon, Google and Apple Platforms

CANNABIS CULTURE –   When the only hope to save your child’s life means breaking the law.

Cannabis for kids!? Before you judge, walk 90 minutes in these desperate parents shoes. 

Meet a growing community of everyday soccer moms and dads who are living a clandestine double life, trying to help their extremely sick kids while hiding from CPS and the police. 

Open Water Studios and OAKZ Media is excited to announce the release of the powerful and moving documentary Weediatrics: A Covert Medical Mission. 

Streaming now on Apple TV and Google Play. 

Ask any parent: “What would you do to save your child?” Without hesitation, the answer is almost always “anything.” It is instinctual to do whatever it takes to make sure your child is healthy, safe and most of all, alive. But how far would you really go if this wasn’t a hypothetical question? What if there was a solution to your child’s suffering but getting your hands on it meant breaking federal law and risking Child Protective Services stripping all of your parental rights? Would the answer still come so easily? 

This ground-breaking film follows a group of underground parents who are risking jail time, not to mention

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