We Thought We Would Be Celebrating the Legalization of Recreational Cannabis in Mexico. We Were Wrong.

Two months ago we posted to celebrate the passage by Mexico’s Lower Chamber of the Cannabis Law bill sent to it by the Mexican Senate last November. In that post, I wrote, “The Law will now return to the Mexican Senate, where it is expected to be approved pretty much as written, at which point, it will go to the Executive Power for publication.”


Just over a month ago the Senate ended its session not only without having approved the Law but also having ignored the Supreme Court’s directive (dating from 2018) to do so. As a reminder, Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled in 2018 that the federal government’s prohibition on recreational marijuana use was unconstitutional and ordered Congress to pass a reform legalizing recreational use within 90 days. Since then, the Court has set multiple deadlines for Congressional action, with April 30, 2021 set to be the final one.

Congress’ only obligation under the Supreme Court mandate was to regulate cannabis cultivation and consumption for personal use, but for a long time, members of Congress publicly stated that they would try to create a framework to provide for the creation of a cannabis industry.

Unfortunately, politics intervened. In Mexico,

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