Unrivaled Brands Announces Launch of SilverStreak Bay Area Distribution Hub – Yahoo Finance

Company Rebrands Blüm San Leandro Dispensary as SilverStreak and Expands Delivery Operations

SANTA ANA, Calif., Nov. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Unrivaled Brands, Inc. (OTCQX:UNRV) (“Unrivaled” or the “Company”) today announced the launch of its SilverStreak direct-to-consumer distribution hub from its San Leandro, California dispensary.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Unrivaled, SilverStreak Solutions, Inc. is a leader in the Sacramento cannabis delivery market, with over 42,000 active regional customers prior to their acquisition by Unrivaled in October 2021. Unrivaled has rebranded its existing San Leandro dispensary, formerly known as Blüm, to SilverStreak and combined the existing infrastructure with technology enhancements and the SilverStreak delivery platform.

The San Leandro delivery hub substantially extends SilverStreak’s operational footprint for delivery services while streamlining the company’s logistics, allowing for better and faster service to many more customers across a larger region of California.

Unrivaled’s CEO, Frank Knuettel II, stated, “The launch of our San Leandro direct-to-consumer distribution hub, executed within 30 days of the close of Unrivaled’s acquisition of SilverStreak, represents a significant expansion of our delivery service in California. As we expand our omni-channel approach to the market with wholesale distribution, retail, and direct-to-consumer operations throughout California, we look forward to providing an expanding consumer base access

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