U.K. Mom of Epileptic Child Gets Cannabis Reprieve In Light of Brexit

Hannah Deacon, mother of 9-year-old, severely epileptic Alfie Dingley, is one of the people that Brexit will impact most, as the country settles into the reality of leaving the European Union. Instead of cannabis oil imports from the Netherlands being ceased immediately, they will be able to continue for at least another six months. 

The Struggle To Access Life-Saving Medication

Originally from Warwickshire, England, Alfie relies specifically on the imported oil for his seizure condition, and it is not safe for him to switch to another product. While she only has until July 1 to rely on imports being delivered within the country’s borders, Deacon is relieved that she has at least bought a little more time to figure out next steps. 

According to the U.K. Department of Health, Deacon was promised that “a permanent solution” to her crisis was being looked for. In the meantime, she is simply being granted the reprieve. 

Alfie’s condition is serious, as he has a rare type of epilepsy that can cause as many as 150 seizures a week. Not much helped his condition, but then he tried a cannabis-based medicine from the Netherlands in 2017, and it was life-changing. His mother, overjoyed that

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