Town of Eastchester “Opts Out” of Cannabis Retail Dispensaries and On-Site Consumption Sites – Yonkers Times

First Town in Westchester to Just Say No

Town of Eastchester adopts “ Opt-out of Adult Use Cannabis Retail Dispensaries
and On-Site Consumption Sites” Local Law

Eastchester Supervisor Anthony S. Colavita

At the June 15th, 2021 Town Board meeting, the Town Board unanimously
voted to adopt a local law opting-out of allowing cannabis retail dispensaries
and on-site consumption sites in the Town of Eastchester.

The New York State law expressly authorizes the Town Board to adopt a local
law requesting the Cannabis Control Board to prohibit the establishment and
operation of cannabis retail dispensary licenses and/or on-site consumption
licenses with the jurisdiction of the town.

“We are one of the first, if not the first, Towns in the County to opt out of
permitting dispensaries and on-site consumption locations. The multitude of issues generated by not opting out far outweigh a small tax revenue”, said Supervisor Anthony S. Colavita.

Eastchester Police Chief Tim Bonci further discussed the Police Department’s opposition to the state law and indicated that multiple police organizations and PTA’s were also supportive of opting-out of permitting dispensaries and consumption sites

The Town of Eastchester is the first local government in Westchester to Opt Out of Mariuana sales and consumption sites. There

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