Temple Research Finds That Tweaking CBD May Help It Curb Pain And Opioid Use In Mice

The next generation of cannabis-inspired medicine might be grown in test tubes instead of greenhouses.

Researchers at Temple University have partnered with Doylestown-based pharmaceutical company Neuropathix to develop a synthetic molecule based on cannabidiol (CBD) that can provide more potent pain relief than CBD itself. They are currently studying it in a type of chronic pain caused by nerve damage due to chemotherapy. The CBD-based drug could offer an appealing alternative to addictive opioids and milder painkillers to treat chronic pain.

“We see CBD and possibly CBD analogs as giving us a different type of tool that’s not only safer than opioids, but maybe more effective because it’s working in a different way,” said Sara Jane Ward, assistant professor of pharmacology at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University.

– Read the entire article at The Philadephia Inquirer.

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