Talking cannabis with Alex Unruh and Morgan Martin of Las Vegas' ShowGrow Dispensary – Las Vegas Weekly

ShowGrow Las Vegas Dispensary, at Tropicana and Fort Apache, is in a unique position. As the closest dispensary to Summerlin—where dispensaries are prohibited—it gets a sizable share of that community’s business. It’s run by Alex Unruh and Morgan Martin, two former budtenders who hold the distinction of being the rare female bosses in a male-dominated industry. The Weekly chatted up Unruh and Martin about life in the cannabis biz during a pandemic.

Happy 420!

What are some trends that you’re noticing in the industry?

Alex: Flower, I would say has been, and continues to be, our No. 1 seller in store. We get the oldies who have been smoking it for years, and then that’s just the safest option for new users as well. Vapes are huge in the market, especially in Las Vegas. It’s a very discreet way to enjoy cannabis in public, if that’s what you want to do. And then edibles, I would say, are very popular among our older crowds. They don’t really want to be smoking; they’re more concerned about health benefits and whatnot. Sleeping is also a huge thing, and edibles are a great option for that.

Did you see a big

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