Sand Springs City Council to consider marijuana business spacing ordinance – Tulsa World


City leaders plan to bring a proposed ordinance before the City Council on Monday night that would limit how close together new marijuana-related businesses could be.

The ordinance would place a 1,000-foot spacing requirement between like uses, such as grow facility to grow facility, processing facility to processing facility and dispensary to dispensary, City Planner Brad Bates said.

But a grow facility, a processing facility and a dispensary could all exist within a 1,000-foot area without violating the ordinance, he said.

All existing marijuana-related businesses would be grandfathered in and would not be subject to the ordinance if it is approved.

City Manager Mike Carter said conversations with city leaders in surrounding communities spurred the Sand Springs proposal.

One city manager told him that that official’s community, which is smaller than Sand Springs, has “more than 80 grow facilities that have started to take over most of the available retail space in their community,” he said.

“I do not think we want to see a dominance of one industry concentrated in our community to the detriment of opportunity for a more diversified retail environment,” Carter said.

“We feel that this ordinance will allow us to respect the intent of the voters and the rights

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