'Rose Mary Jane': Marijuana dispensary opens in Portland with mission to expunge criminal convictions of non-violent cannabis offenders – NewsCenterMaine.com WCSH-WLBZ

The store opened with a ribbon-cutting Thursday at 327 St. John Street in Portland.

PORTLAND, Maine — A new cannabis dispensary opened in Portland on Thursday with a mission to wipe clean the records of non-violent marijuana offenders.

Rose Mary Jane sits at 327 St. John Street near Maine Medical Center and Hadlock Field. Founder Erik Murray and Social Justice Director Evelyn LaChapelle are from Oakland, and the Maine location is the company’s first shop.

LaChapelle spent 87 months in prison for her role in a cannabis operation.

“My friend Corvaine Cooper was shipping marijuana from California to North Carolina and asked me to deposit the profits into my bank account. I said yes. I really didn’t give it much thought, given the attitude and climate I’d grown up in around cannabis,” LaChapelle wrote in a blog post. “I never considered the consequences—I really didn’t think there would be consequences. Had it been coke, heroin—any other drug—it would’ve been a definite ‘no.’ But knowing it was marijuana, I never even thought twice about it.”

LaChapelle and her business partner, Erik Murray, the company’s CEO, say they have several goals as a business:

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