Pushing A Global Revolution: Israel’s Cannabis Market Moves Towards Promising Recreational Reform

Israel’s cannabis market is finally moving into the recreational box this year. Some time this year, if all goes as planned, the country will implement a recreational system for adults over 21. In a page from the American state market, deliveries will be allowed, although cannabis edibles that resemble candy will be banned. There will also be state control of prices to ensure that customers do not return to illicit sales channels.

Public smoking of cannabis however will remain banned (so no coffee shops or clubs allowed). Home grow without a license will also still be forbidden.

Employment discrimination, particularly for those who require background checks, is also expected to come under review (particularly striking given the Biden Administration’s quick and rather embarrassing reversal on the same earlier this year).

This is a big move for Israel’s cannabis market– but it has been in the works for a while. In the meantime, medical cannabis at least has gone “mainstream” and is now widely available in national drug stores. Regular doctors can prescribe cannabis as treatment for a wide variety

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