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Preliminary results of a public input survey on the legalization of marijuana suggest that a majority of residents are in favor of the town allowing dispensaries and on-site consumption at lounges.

Ann Marie Prudenti, the deputy town attorney, said the “rough results” she has examined showed approximately 60% of the responses were in favor of allowing the dispensaries and 40% supported an opt out. The Town Board is expected to hear a more detailed analysis of the survey results at Tuesday’s meeting. The deadline to respond to the survey ended Friday.

Ms. Prudenti, speaking at Thursday’s work session, said the survey results seem to follow the national trend in states where marijuana has been legalized, as it has been in New York. She said there were “considerate comments” from residents on issues such as distancing from schools, concerns about driving under the influence and other matters the Town Board has discussed as it weighs its decision.

“The supervisor on Tuesday will have those results and present them to all of you,” Ms. Prudenti said of the survey.

Supervisor Yvette Aguiar was not at Thursday’s work session.

Councilwoman Catherine Kent said

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