Philadelphia City Council Votes To Kill Pre-Employment Drug Screening for Cannabis

It’s a good day to be a cannabis user in Philadelphia, as it may soon be illegal within the city limits for some employees to undergo a mandatory pre-employment drug screening for cannabis use. This will be a major victory for medical patients looking for work.  

The Philadelphia City Council passed this new ruling with an overwhelming majority, at a rate of 15 in favor, one opposed. Republican David Oh was the only person who opposed the measure.

Bill No. 200625 now officially “prohibits employers from requiring prospective employees to undergo testing for the presence of marijuana as a condition of employment, under certain terms and conditions.”

Since the bill makes it illegal “to require a prospective employee to submit to testing for the presence of marijuana” before hiring them, folks who use cannabis medically in the state don’t have to worry that they are taken out of the job market. Additionally, it paves the way for recreational cannabis, as it also helps those who are recreationally smoking right now, even though that technically hasn’t been legalized.

Some folks, such as police officers, those who work with children or medical patients, and

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