Pennsylvania Representative Proposes Bill To Allow Cannabis In State-Run Liquor Stores

A Pennsylvania lawmaker introduced a bill on Wednesday that would legalize the recreational sale of cannabis and make state-run liquor stores the only authorized retailer of marijuana products. The measure, House Bill 1899, was introduced by Democratic state Rep. David Delloso of Delaware County.

Delloso said in a statement that restricting sales of cannabis to the state’s network of liquor stores would ensure that local businesses benefit the most from legalization.

“What I’m afraid of is, without this bill, if we don’t sell cannabis in the state stores, big corporate interests throughout the United States are going to come to Pennsylvania and they’re going to put corner stores up,” he said. “They aren’t going to provide family sustaining jobs, and all the profits are going to leave Pennsylvania.”

Under the bill, adults 21 and older would be permitted to legally possess and consume marijuana. Adults would be allowed to give away small amounts of cannabis, but sales would be restricted to businesses licensed by the state. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) would be responsible for licensing businesses to produce marijuana for sale at the state-controlled stores.

The measure also contains provisions that would expunge the records of those convicted

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