PCG One has lots of cannabis experience as it moves to set up in Buena Vista – by Tara Flanagan – The Ark Valley Voice

The company that received the green light to establish the new marijuana dispensary in Buena Vista has a seven-year history in the business of legal cannabis.

The Town’s trustees held a drawing at their regular meeting on May 10, in which Mayor Duff Lacy pulled one name from 20 qualified applicants. PCG One LLC, run by Sean Davis, emerged the winner. Should he continue to navigate the process of opening the store, the company will join Ascend Cannabis as the second recreational outlet allowed in town limits.

Voters approved a measure Nov. 3 to allow retail cannabis in town, as well as a five percent tax on it. Ascend currently operates the sole medical marijuana dispensary in Buena Vista.

Buena Vista’s voters approved recreational marijuana Nov. 3. Now it’s a matter of getting business up and running. Photo: Unsplash/Jeff W.

Like Ascend, PCG One plans to offer both recreational and medical cannabis products. It has 180 days to open the facility, with a one-time time extension.

PCG One is a family-owned and operated business headquartered in Colorado Springs. Davis, a Colorado native, opened one of the country’s first recreational marijuana dispensaries

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