Parlez-vous Cannabis Médical? The French Begin National Medical Cannabis Trial

France has bowed to the inevitable. After several years of promises about normalizing the discussion and failing to do so, and further in direct contrast to its German, Dutch, Danish, and even Swiss and Spanish neighbours, the country has finally caved in recognizing that medical cannabis has at least theoretical efficacy.

The first trial, delayed for much of 2020, was publicized last fall right as the European Commission decided that CBD was not a narcotic and as the WHO voted to remove cannabis from global Schedule IV status. The timing was not accidental. The country’s ever-savvy political Machiavellian on the topic, President Emmanuel Macron, was there belatedly to cheer it on, just at the finishing line of done and dusted. In late January, the country chose its finalists.

Regardless of the cynicism in the room, it is an important step—and not just for France—but a range of discussions now literally haunting the industry if not the full reform discussion across the EU if not elsewhere.

Why This Trial Is Different

Anyone who expects this all to go smoothly and without major mistakes has clearly not been paying attention to the disasters that have so far ensued, everywhere, when a country

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