Out In the Cold – Harm Reduction Non-Profit Vows to Fight Despite Eviction

CANNABIS CULTURE – As opioid overdoses skyrocket in the province, the BC Supreme Court has ruled that a nonprofit helping more than 200 Downtown Eastside Vancouver residents with harm-reducing cannabis has to vacate the building from which it operates. A branch of the Cannabis Substitution Project (CSP) and cost-reducing nonprofit The Healing Wave both operate out of the shop at 157 Cordova Street. They have been essential to members who cannot afford the high prices set by the government for life-saving assistance.

In a July Mugglehead Magazine article, Vancouver Councillor Rebecca Bligh said, “Our overdose numbers eclipsed anything Covid-related, and it’s like we’ve become desensitized that this is just a reality. But these numbers are devastating.” 

According to Neil Magnuson, who runs the CSP and The Healing Wave programs, the Cannabis Substitution Project serves “253 members [ … ] who get 420 ml of high dose edibles of their choosing every 4 days.” Additionally, The Healing Wave serves “1,750 members […with a] low barrier access dispensary [where they can]purchase a wide variety of high quality cannabinoids from flower to concentrates to edibles, topicals and even suppositories at  affordable prices.”

Jon Braithwaite of the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU) said

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