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Ahead the one year anniversary of retail sales of medical marijuana in Missouri, Greenway speaks to Bradford Goette of Nirvana Investments and Andrew Mullins of MoCannTrade

On Sunday, October 17, Missouri will mark the one-year anniversary of retail sales of medical marijuana. 

In November 2018, 66 percent of voters voted for an amendment to the Missouri Consitution that would legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes. 

On a blustery October morning, a line akin to Black Friday stood and sat in front of locked doors just before 8 a.m., in Manchester, Missouri. In a few moments, the way Missourians had purchased marijuana would change forever.

A line of medical marijuana patients waits outside N’Bliss in Manchester to be among the first to make a dispensary purchase in the state.

N’Bliss would open its doors and make the first legal medical marijuana sale to a patient in Missouri history. That first patient was Larry Simpson. Simpson had battled and survived a hellacious battle with stomach cancer, it ravaged his body, prevented him from having an appetite, and wreaked havoc on his life. Simpson and his wife were invited to be at N’Bliss and make the first purchase of medical

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