On Being Seven Years Pharmaceutical And Cancer-Free

In 2012, seven years ago this October, I was staring down a clean ultrasound, with the technician telling onlookers, “It must be a technical error,” as they could not find the cancerous mass that was just there, less than three months prior.

The image seen in both the first mammogram and follow-up ultrasound showed a large, white spider-web-like mass in my right breast, indicating it was Lobular carcinoma – a mass, not a tumor that could be confused with a cyst.

Just 10 to 15 percent of all women in the U.S. present with this type of mass. My sister was diagnosed just a few years prior, undergoing a partial mastectomy, chemo-therapy, and follow-up radiation – with nearly three years of misery suffered. 

Called to Advocate

I was working as a television producer in Los Angeles, when I was brought up to Humboldt County to produce a news show. Cancer was the last thing I thought would happen to me, but as it turned out, Humboldt was a good place for me to get cancer. 

Pearl Moon of Bud Sisters of Southern Humboldt got wind of my situation and delivered a small jar of cannabis oil, telling me to eat

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