Oklahoma Public School District Rejects Donation From Local Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Even as the press reports on Oklahoma’s public education budgetary woes, it appears that not all schools are open to accepting all donations. A marijuana dispensary chain was surprised to have their monetary gift to Ponca City Public Schools rejected.

The district’s superintendent Shelly Arrott released a media statement that said the rejection was due to nervousness over how the donation would affect federal funding.

“Accepting donations from a medical marijuana dispensary is uncharted territory for Oklahoma school districts in relation to federal funding sources,” she said. “At this time, the district cannot risk compromising these funding sources which are relied on heavily for the education of students.”

The company in question is Flippin Farms, which currently operates four dispensaries in the state and is planning to open four more. One of the company’s owners expressed his surprise over the situation to a local news site.

“If it’s OK for them to take tax money from this industry, why not be able to take money straight from this industry?” asked Corey Fisher. “We were just kind of confused and alarmed that in a school district that is constantly underfunded, we’re willing to walk in there, and [say], ‘Hey, I can

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