Ohio Officials Seek Public Comments on Medical Cannabis Conditions

Ohio is now taking written comments on the qualifying conditions it is thinking of adding to the medical cannabis program. 

Through February 26, residents of Ohio will have a chance to comment on conditions including autism, Huntington’s disease, panic disorder with agoraphobia, restless leg syndrome, spasticity and spasms, and terminal illness.

These public comments will be reviewed by the Medical Marijuana Committee, who is currently reviewing 30 different potential conditions that have been suggested.

More than 30 qualifying conditions were suggested to the committee, but many were rejected, either because they are already allowed, petitions were incomplete, or there was not enough evidence listed from professional studies showing cannabis could help with the condition. 

The Medical Marijuana Committee will be reviewing these comments on March 8, looking more deeply into the qualifying conditions they have decided to consider. They will then vote on the next six conditions that will be approved. 

Committee members want to learn more about how cannabis can help certain conditions, including Huntington’s disease, which is something they feel lacks supportive, medical studies.

“It is neurodegenerative,” said Dr. Yeshwant P. Reddy, spine physiatrist and pain consultant. “It is genetic and we do not have any treatment whatsoever,

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