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The storefront may greet customers with friendly vibes yet for most, the first visit inside a dispensary is daunting. Despite the warm and cozy atmosphere these establishments generally overwhelm consumers new to cannabis. Though it is natural to feel anxious in a new setting, the reality is that your first time at a dispensary is nothing to stress over.

For consumers new to marijuana, attempting to comprehend the intricate functionality of the plant while also navigating its diverse range of products is enough to discourage some from even giving cannabis a chance. It is why Colleen Scanlon-Maynard, Senior VP of Marketing at The Happy Camper in Palisade and Bailey, has not only prioritized creating a welcoming atmosphere for new customers, but also educating in responsible use.

“We try to make every age group feel welcomed in our dispensary,” Scanlon-Maynard remarks. “We’ve hired budtenders of all ages. We have education for everyone. It is important to have someone at the dispensary they can identify with.”

The Happy Camper – like the other dispensaries in nearby Palisade, De Beque, and Parachute – have

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