Mitchell leaders tweaking medical marijuana ordinances to align with new state rules – The Daily Republic

However, a new rule from the state could give the city the authority to prohibit any medical marijuana businesses from operating in Mitchell, if state lawmakers officially adopt the rule in October. But considering the early steps the city has taken to welcome the new industry by passing ordinances that are comparatively less restrictive than other cities’ regulations, Mitchell Mayor Bob Everson said the city wouldn’t go that route if the rule goes into effect.

“That’s not the route we’re going. We’re making that change simply just to match our ordinance with the state rules,” Everson said, noting the city’s ordinance still allows for five dispensary licenses, with no cap on the number of cultivation facilities.

While the Mitchell City Council approved an ordinance in early June that spells out the medical marijuana regulations for the industry to operate in Mitchell, it hinges on the state’s rules that city governments are expected to follow. After the Legislature’s Interim Rules Review Committee approved 143 of the Department of Health’s recommended measures on Sept. 13, City Attorney Justin Johnson is working with the council to implement the new rules into Mitchell’s medical marijuana ordinance, which he said will pave the way for

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