Marijuana dispensaries start selling whole flower in New York – Times Union

ALBANY — On Tuesday, several of New York’s medical cannabis dispensaries began selling smokable “whole flower,” the bud of the cannabis plant, for the first time since the Compassionate Care Act passed in 2014 to legalize marijuana for certain medical uses. 

“I’m just happy it’s finally happening. I didn’t think I would see the day,” said Ryan, a 20-year-old patient from Albany who was one of the first local buyers of whole flower at the capital’s Verilife dispensary. He asked to only be identified by his first name.

Saul Stanley was also at the front of the line at Verilife after the product hit the shelves around 3 p.m. He headed in right after reading an email announcement from the dispensary, which he’s been frequenting since it opened in 2016. 

Cannabis helps Stanley manage his dystonia, a condition that can cause muscle pain, weakness and involuntary movements. 

“I normally got the flower, but it was ground up,” Stanley said. “With whole flower, you can conserve it more.”

Kevin Harbison, a doctor of pharmacy who manages clinical services for

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