Los Angeles Lawmakers Vote To Adopt Ordinance Banning Flavored Tobacco Products

Los Angeles County now has 30 days to buy flavored tobacco after its Board of Supervisors approved a ban on all such wares, including menthol products. The decision, which applies to the unincorporated areas of the county that are home to one million residents, comes amidst a rash of deaths related to vaping products, and concern over rising e-cigarettes usage by teens.

As of September 27, severe lung injury seemingly caused by vaping cannabis and tobacco products has led to 12 deaths and 805 lung injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. About 77 percent of the individuals affected reported ingesting THC products, and 57 have reported use of nicotine products. Authorities have been unable to identify a single product or substance related to all the reported lung injuries.

But the LA County supervisors voted unanimously to axe flavored e-cigarettes from retailers’ shelves. That response seems to be an answer not only to the spate of vaping related deaths, but also to rising use among teenagers of e-cigarettes. Many say vaping products are unduly marketed towards teens with flavors like cotton candy, root beer float, and  strawberry cheesecake.

Los Angeles Joining Growing Trend of Banning Flavored Vapes

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