Killed Over Pot

CANNABIS CULTURE – How activist support of hard drug regulations for cannabis will virtually guarantee a continuation of the ongoing police shootings and killings over small-time pot crimes.

“You have a right not to be killed. Murder is a crime – unless it was done by a policeman …”

– The Clash, “Know Your Rights”, Combat Rock, 1982

The “activists” who say pot should be treated like a hard drug

I was reading an online article by pot lawyer Kirk Tousaw the other day, which made the argument that Health Canada should – among other things;

“Amend the marketing and advertising rules to allow cannabis to be treated more like beer and wine than tobacco and pharmaceuticals.” (1)

I really don’t understand why so many pot activists are dead set on the view that cannabis should be compared to – or regulated like – one of the hardest drugs on Earth. With the exception of cigarettes, alcohol has the greatest number of drug-related deaths attached to its use, both globally (2) and in North America. (3) 



Cannabis harms are closer to caffeine harms than alcohol in terms of overdose and overuse deaths, acute toxicity,

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