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JACKPOT, NV — Today marked the grand opening of the brand new marijuana dispensary in Jackpot, Thrive Cannabis Marketplace. Having been in the works for quite some time, there is shared excitement between management, staff, and local community members who are eager to see how this new addition impacts their town.

“I’m really excited just to see the growth of the city,” said Makinzey Marracco, the Operations Manager for Thrive Cannabis Marketplace. “And just continue to foster the relationship with the locals and the impacts that we can help make in the community as well.”

Jackpot has faced an extremely tough year from COVID-19. With the casinos closed, people couldn’t find work, and tourists were not visiting the area. The managers of Thrive Cannabis Marketplace hope this can help bring back a boost to the local economy. They’re also seeking out becoming a permanent part of this community.

“About 70% of our staff is from Jackpot,” said Marracco. “So, our management, they all live locally, so that’s another great part is really having people that are really engrained in this place.”

Right now, the management and staff are working to iron out the kinks. Once they settle in, they hope to eventually help

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