How Dispensaries Can Leverage Local Delivery Times – Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis delivery sales are a growing share of the cannabis market, a trend that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated during 2020.

Due to homebound users, safety, dependability, and convenience, cannabis delivery will likely continue to prosper long-term. And with ticket sizes trending 2x higher than in-store dispensary order sizes, it’s unquestionably a significant revenue opportunity for retailers looking to start a dispensary delivery service.

With many key players in the cannabis industry turning to delivery for the multiple upsides, competition has never been higher. Businesses that are either hoping to expand, improve, or simply build out a delivery service need answers to plan efficient routes, meet consumer needs, promote their services, and provide a superior customer experience.

So where do we look for these answers? In the data, of course. Understanding cannabis delivery data is essential to providing a best-in-class delivery experience, reaching new markets, and growing your business.

In this article, we’ll be looking into cannabis delivery data in the top-selling cannabis state in the US, California.

So what are delivery times that dispensaries can expect to accommodate?

Here, we’ll take a look at delivery time averages. A delivery data sample from the Bay Area shows that typical delivery times at higher customer-retained

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