Florida Lawmakers Pushing For Cannabis Law Changes And Reform

One pair of Florida lawmakers is aiming to improve the state’s existing medical marijuana law, while another legislative duo is out to change the state’s relationship with pot altogether. 

Taken together, 2021 could be a year of cannabis reform in the Sunshine State.

A proposal from state Senator Tina Polsky and state Representative Nicholas Duran, both Democrats representing South Florida, would close a loophole in the state’s medical cannabis law that still opens the door for public employees to get fired for using the treatment.

“So you’re allowed to use medical marijuana if you have a proper license but if you get drug tested at work having nothing to do with your performance you can be fired for using a legal substance,” Polsky said, as quoted by local news outlet WLRN. 

According to WLRN, the bill “would prevent public employers from firing, demoting, or suspending someone who tests positive” if they can show a valid medical marijuana card after a positive result. 

“In the event someone takes a drug test and they test positive for marijuana they should be able to sort of explain and show that they are registered,” said Duran, as quoted by WLRN. “That they are using

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