Flight Attendants Union Wants The FAA To Ban All E-Cigarettes From Airplanes

As the fervor surrounding the potentially deadly risks of consuming e-cigarettes and other vape products subsides somewhat, another e-cig scare is entering the spotlight. This time, however, the concern isn’t what people are inhaling, but the device itself. Cheap, poorly-made vape pens and e-cigs typically use cheap, poorly-made lithium-ion batteries. And those batteries have a knack for catching on fire. Some have even blown up in people’s faces. That’s why the president of the Association of Flight Attendants wants the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ban e-cigarettes from planes entirely.

The FAA already bans travelers from putting portable devices with lithium-ion batteries in their checked luggage. But travelers can still carry them in their carry-on bags and personal items. Flight attendants want that rule to change. They say frequent battery-sparked fires are turning them into emergency firefighters. And they’re worried that the next fire could be catastrophic.

E-Cig and Vape Batteries Are Catching Fire on Airplanes

Flaming batteries have made it into the news before. Famously, the FAA banned travelers from carrying Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones due to a widespread issue with them catching on fire. But lithium-batteries are in everything these days, in virtually every device people use

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