Does Medical Licensing Make Sense in Recreational Jurisdictions?

Cannabis licensing has a pretty standard trajectory by this point in time. States tend to start out with medical programs and later adopt recreational programs. What usually happens is that the recreational cannabis market swallows up the medical market. The majority of medical operators will seek out and get authorization to sell recreational cannabis, and many if not most customers will be recreational customers.

The reasons for this are pretty obvious but it bears noting. There is a much bigger consumer push towards the recreational market given that it’s a whole lot easier for a customer to just pull out their ID than it is to get a doctor’s recommendation. So even a lot of people who may have been traditional medical customers will end up just going the easy route and buy recreational cannabis.

So with all this in mind, it bears asking, why is medical cannabis licensing even still a thing?

On one hand, medical cannabis actually makes a lot of sense from a customer’s point of view. Where I practice in California, there are numerous benefits for medical customers:

Recreational cannabis can only be sold to people over age 21. Medical cannabis doesn’t have the same

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