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During the Fort Bragg City Council meeting on October 25, the city council capped the business permits for cannabis dispensaries within Fort Bragg’s central business district at three. These permits will also be issued on a merit-point system instead of first-come-first-served, as the council wants to prioritize local businesses. There is not a cap on dispensaries outside of the central business district.

Currently, there are two cannabis dispensary business permits approved, but only one of those is in the central business district. There are more applications pending.

The council also kept the state’s definition of “youth centers.” The council had to either accept the state’s definition or create their own, specifically to create zoning ordinances concerning the City Hall Gymnasium at 213 East Laurel Street. Under the state’s definition, the City Hall Gymnasium is a youth center.

The council also created a buffer keeping cannabis dispensaries 100 feet away from youth centers. If the council had not created its own buffer zone, the state’s 600-foot buffer would’ve applied; applying this to the City Hall Gymnasium would’ve taken up most of the central business district.

The council will continue discussing cannabis dispensary zoning ordinances at the next meeting, particularly on the issue

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