Carbon-Negative Netherlands Biotech Company Coming to Canada

CANNABIS CULTURE – Netherlands-based biogenetics company  Perfect Plants (PP) is aiming to open a new location in the Greater Toronto Area.  They will be partnering with existing Canadian companies in developing and delivering sustainably produced plants, tissue, and seeds for agricultural use.  

“Plant-based medicine is a very important thing,” says Perfect Plants CEO Lenny Karmiol.  Karmiol says the focus needs to be bringing together molecular medicine and plant-based medicine.  “Half the world can’t be wrong, and more than half the world gets their primary medicine and pharmaceuticals from plants.” 

Not only does PP come to Canada with decades of experience in plant propagation, but they are also bringing their commitment to environmental protection.  in their Netherlands base, they utilize rainwater reservoirs, CO2 emissions from nearby companies, a co-generation plant, and a geothermal well.  They are 100% energy efficiency, generating their own heat and electricity for their entire 320,000 sq ft automated greenhouse and 45,000 sq ft laboratory, even having enough surplus to generate electricity for others and qualifying as carbon negative.  

These practices will be translated into the Canadian systems as well.  Recognizing that various points on the production chain are typically very specialized and separate, and that each company

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