Cannabis, the Herb of Saturn

CANNABIS CULTURE – Alchemist, like magicians, were deeply influenced by the Kabbalah and Hermetic arts, and this included astrology. Every conceivable plant, animal, metal and mineral, was given to the dominion of the planets above. Cannabis, in this case appears with other psychoactive plants,  in a number of alchemically influenced herbals, and magical texts, under the dominion of Saturn. As Dr. William Sharp lamented, in trying to distinguish the history of medicines from magical potions, in the 19th century.

Every kind of virtue has been attributed superstitiously to the action of drugs. They have been given with incantations of every character. They have been worn as amulets and charms of every form, and of every material. And these things have been done in all ages, and in every country, to avert or to remedy disease. Alas! that such a method of discovering the action of drugs should have existed, should still exist in the world. It is cheeked only where, and so far as, the influence of pure Christianity is felt.

We may dismiss the further consideration of it here; but we should not do so without a blush: for we may well blush for the ignorance, for the

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