Cannabis Task Force 'overwhelmingly' favors dispensary in town. Some residents push back. – The Daily Princetonian

At a public meeting on Saturday, Princeton Cannabis Task Force Chair and Councilmember Eve Niedergang said the “consensus” reached by the 24-member task force is “overwhelmingly that the benefits of having a dispensary in town outweighed the bad points.”

The meeting, held in Hinds Plaza, drew around 25 residents. Several members of the Cannabis Task Force — a group that includes council members, non-profit leaders, and business and citizen representatives — listened and tried to address locals’ objections to the prospect of allowing marijuana dispensaries to operate in the town.


Many of the objections raised were centered on the health effects of cannabis use and the potential impact on children.

“There is cannabis in Princeton, and there will be both legal and illegal cannabis in Princeton, so that’s not the issue before the task force,” said Niedergang, who has chaired the task force since its founding in March, after New Jersey voted to legalize cannabis in a November 2020 referendum.

In Princeton, 78 percent of residents voted for legalization, according to Niedergang. In August, Princeton “opted out” of the

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