Cannabis, Sex, And The Occult: A Conversation With Sophie Saint Thomas

Equal But Different

“There’s evidence that estrogen gets you higher and testosterone does the opposite.”
This sex-based difference in response to cannabis often leads to a mismatch in how high partners will feel when including cannabis in their lovelife.

That said, other factors (e.g. a person’s weight, frequency of past cannabis use, unique biochemistry, etc.) also play major roles in how someone will feel when using cannabis during sex. These considerations often necessitate that lovers take different doses of cannabis before heading to the bedroom (or the woods, on a billiards table, or wherever the mood may strike).
Sophie related that, from her own experience, she has found that men and women tend to prefer different varieties of cannabis.

“The industry is moving away from the indica and sativa model in terms of a more accurate and detailed response, but I hear a lot of women wanting to use indicas, indicating they would want a more calming experience. With men, it seems to be they want a more energetic experience from sativas.

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