Cannabis Packaging Waste Is A Problem. A California Dispensary Is Addressing It

A California dispensary is calling attention to the environmental impact of cannabis packaging waste with a campaign that encourages customers to help recycle some of the industry’s plastic into diesel fuel. And to thank the company’s clientele for its support, customers who bring in plastic packaging from cannabis products into Airfield Supply Co. of San Jose, California will get a special reward for their trouble.

The problem of plastic waste is not a new one, Airfield Supply Co. noted in a press release about the campaign, which was planned for the run-up to the 4/20 cannabis high holiday. Approximately 6.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced worldwide in the last 60 years, but only 9% of that total has been recycled. And each year, about 300 million pounds of cheap plastic waste is generated, with about 8 million pounds of it ending up in the world’s oceans.

Unfortunately, the legal cannabis industry has become a significant contributor to the problem of plastic packaging waste. Because of strict regulations governing how cannabis products must be packaged, many end up being marketed in much more plastic than is really necessary.

Child-resistant and tamper-evident packaging is mandatory in California but often that means brands use

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