Cannabis Clubs in South Africa Remain in Legal Limbo

Like Spain right now, cannabis clubs in South Africa are a hot topic. Not only are they flourishing, despite their uncertain legal status, but advocates are calling for clarity as the country begins to get ready for 2023.

How fast the legality of the clubs will change is uncertain, but this issue is clearly on the agenda of reform activists if not the nascent industry beyond that.

According to Tseli Khiba, a lawyer and advocate, “Navigating cannabis rights within the current legal framework is quite complicated. The Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill outlines possession rules for home users and those who choose to grow the plant, but it has also left a lot of questions regarding the scope of privacy-based rights unanswered.”

The History of Cannabis Clubs in South Africa

There is a direct connection between the clubs in South Africa and the Spanish Clubs. This is because they follow guidelines set out and initially established by Encod, a non-profit, European-based coalition for just and effective drug policies. In the absence of state-regulated systems, the Encod definition has been used to create working and operational guidelines in Spain and Holland (for starters).

According to Encod, a Cannabis Social Club is “an association of adult people

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