Bodies of Armenian Solders Stored on a Pile in a Dispensary in Yerevan – The American Reporter

Leaked Photos Show Bodies in a Non-Cooled Room

In a wake of new and outrages news that shook Armenian population once again, it looks like Armenia and its people can’t have one moment of peace. Following the conclusion of the armed conflict with Azerbaijan in 2020 and the political unbalance it caused in Armenia, this time the disturbance came from within Armenia itself. On May 31, 2021 relatives of Armenian soldiers presumed missing or killed in last fall war, blocked one of the main streets in Yerevan. The cause for the protest was new information that came to light related to the condition of the fallen Armenian solders.

Arsen Ghukasyan, who is a relative of one missing solder, stated in his Facebook Live that the government has been inconsistent with the number of Armenian solders and that ‘’There are around 200 bodies of Armenian soldiers that have now appeared’’. Worse than being untruthful about the number of bodies of Armenian solders is the fact that many of those are stored in the most gruesome and disrespecting way possible. ‘’They have been stored in different places, including fruit refrigerators. Now they are taking them out and handing them over to the

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