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TRUMBULL — Republican first selectman candidate Mark Block criticized the town’s administration for its handling of the recently passed moratorium on recreational marijuana sales Monday.

Block said First Selectman Vicki Tesoro had lacked forceful leadership in calling for the moratorium that the Planning & Zoning Commission passed at its Aug. 18 meeting. Had he been in charge, he would have handled things differently, he said.

“The first thing I would have done was, I would have been in touch with our state representatives, and I would have had some very lengthy conversations with them. And I would have been very clear as to what my position would be for our community,” Block said.

While Tesoro characterized the moratorium as a non-political issue, Block pointed out that the action came just three months before the November election.

“Because we’re in an election year, and everything in an election year is a political issue. That’s (political science) 101 by the way. So everything becomes a political issue,” he said.

It’s unclear, though what Tesoro could have

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