Arkansas Officials Report Medical Cannabis Sales Top $200 Million

Medical marijuana sales in Arkansas have hit a significant milestone a little more than a year after the first dispensaries in the state began serving customers.

Local news outlets in the Natural State reported that medical cannabis sales in Arkansas have officially eclipsed $200 million, with patients purchasing more than 15 tons of product. 

The exact figures, according to local television stations KATV and 5NEWS: $200.7 million and 30,648 pounds of medical marijuana.


Voters in Arkansas approved a measure legalizing medical marijuana in 2016, but the first dispensary didn’t open until May of 2019. The law’s rollout faced impediments from state lawmakers and jurists in the nearly three years before the voters approved it at the ballot box and patients were able to be served, and has continued to face resistance. 

Lawmakers passed a measure last year, a month before sales began, significantly restricting the advertising of medical marijuana products. And in February, a county judge in Arkansas issued a freeze on the state’s ability to issue more licenses for dispensaries.

At the time of that ruling, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported that “nearly half of Arkansas’ 32 dispensaries remain inoperable a year after the permits were

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