African Cannabis Innovators to Watch in 2021

CANNABIS CULTURE – Clever cannabis entrepreneurs across Africa are steaming ahead with niche trends like cannabis software and canna-infused drinks — now they look to cash-in in 2021.

For eagle-eyed Africa cannabis investors/observers, here are top niche trends to grab onto. 

Cannabis software 

Cannabis software, a potential money-maker is an often over-looked startup sector that could potentially reap benefits for niche investors. 

In South Africa, and elsewhere on the continent, local info-tech startups appear to be slow to the action when it comes to massive opportunities presented by cannabis-software.

“Cannabis-software via apps is critical to sell seeds digitally, register weed farms online, or store weed court cases for scholars to reference 50 years from now. The money opportunities are endless,”  says Carter Mavhiza, an independent accountant in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

“So far, local startups here in South Africa are slow to the feast. Premium researched, localized cannabis data could be sold for lucrative prices if placed behind a paywall. Look at millions using the European Researchgate database. Why not have same pay-walled African cannabis database?”

A  look at South Africa and Africa´s messy cannabis data littered all over the place, shows that foreign data startups like BioTrack of Florida, are

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