A new medical marijuana dispensary opens in Pittsburgh’s Friendship neighborhood – PGH City Paper

<a href=”https://media2.fdncms.com/pittsburgh/imager/u/original/19832954/goodblend-marijuana-dispensary-pittsburgh.png” rel=”contentImg_gal-19832949″ title=”The goodblend medical marijuana dispensary in Pittsburgh’s Friendship neighborhood – PHOTO: COURTESY OF GOODBLEND” data-caption=”The goodblend medical marijuana dispensary in Pittsburgh’s Friendship neighborhood   Photo: Courtesy of goodblend” class=”uk-display-block uk-position-relative uk-visible-toggle”> click to enlarge

Photo: Courtesy of goodblend

The goodblend medical marijuana dispensary in Pittsburgh’s Friendship neighborhood

Medical marijuana has been seeing consistent growth in Pennsylvania, and now a new company is making its foray into the commonwealth: goodblend. The cannabis company has opened a medical marijuana dispensary on Baum Boulevard in Pittsburgh’s Friendship neighborhood. This is goodblend’s first medical marijuana dispensary in Pennsylvania.

It will also be one of the very few truly urban medical marijuana dispensary locations in the Pittsburgh area, with most of the dispensaries concentrated in the suburbs or locations with large parking lots near highways. In fact, Pittsburgh is set to soon get a drive-through dispensary out in Robinson.

Elizabeth Conway, the head of goodblend Pennsylvania, is very excited that Pittsburgh is the first place to have a goodblend dispensary, not just because of the company’s partnership with the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, but because of the dispensary’s location in

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