10 Beautifully Balanced Cannabis Strains to Check Out

When it comes to the enjoyment and appeal of any given cannabis strain, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not to mention, the circumstances which call for consumption in the first place.

In some instances, nothing will do better than a heady, energising and uplifting high that motivates you to conquer the world. In others, melting into human puddle of pure laziness for hours on end is the way to go. However you feel and whatever you have in mind, there’s an endless array of strains to choose from.

But what if you’re looking for a more balanced experience?

Right now, the commercial cannabis market is packed to bursting with well-balanced sativa/indica hybrids. There’s also a growing market for strains with a pretty even ratio of THC and CBD. In both instances, you can expect a beautifully balanced high that delivers the best of all worlds and is perfectly controllable.

As for the best in the business, we strongly suggest checking out the ten frontrunners outlined below:


Recipient of multiple awards and packed with plenty of CBD, Cannatonic also has a pretty perfect split of indica and sativa genetics. Cannatonic was engineered by combining Reina Madre

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